Tuesday, May 6, 2008


After an agonizingly long wait for the toy shop I preordered Revoltech Starscream and Hot Rod from, they finally received their stock! Hurray!

Doesn't that smirk on his face make you feel like bustin' his afterburner? Is it just me or do the two new TF revoltechs look a tad too gung ho? Their smirk is annoying. His fist holes (that sounded really wrong) was extremely tight (and again), I broke one of his fist when trying to unscrew it out. Little bastard.

"Flowers for you, pretty"
I keep telling you, kid, it's that smirk of yours. Or it could be the gift itself. She likes guns. Make a note.

"Aw, give it back already!"

Back in high school, Hot Rod was that geeky and awkward kid who got bullied alot.


Heavyarms said...


I hate Hot Rod, my Revoltech HR is still in the box and my son has all the rest (Energon, Cybertron, etc.)

TaiPoh said...

well, he's fun to bully :)