Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For adoption

Cybertron Primus Unleashed is an awesome toy, he can transform from a planet to a full fledged transformer to a battle station (if I'm not mistaken).

God of all Transformers and his body itself is the planet Cybertron, home planet of the Transformers.

He has been living with pests crawling all over his body for as long as he can remember, so he can be a little grumpy. Occasionally you can see tiny figures jumping on and off him like fleas off a dog, but don't be alarmed! That's just Cybertronians going about their daily routines.
Buying this toy is like buying all Transformers in one go! You get Megatron, Optimus Prime, the whole deal. Just watch out for Megatron and his bitches though, they grew a sweet tooth after Cybertron started to run dry of energon. They have a particularly soft spot for doughnuts.

Alright, I just posted just to advertise this toy, which I'm selling on Ebay. Click here to own this lovable old coot. He needs someone who will love him, hug him and call him George Primus.

I don't have much of a choice, I've suffered some pretty severe financial loss lately so I have to put him up for sale.

I'll throw in a fly swatter too if you buy! What with Megatron conducting doughnut heists all day long, you'll be needing one.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


After an agonizingly long wait for the toy shop I preordered Revoltech Starscream and Hot Rod from, they finally received their stock! Hurray!

Doesn't that smirk on his face make you feel like bustin' his afterburner? Is it just me or do the two new TF revoltechs look a tad too gung ho? Their smirk is annoying. His fist holes (that sounded really wrong) was extremely tight (and again), I broke one of his fist when trying to unscrew it out. Little bastard.

"Flowers for you, pretty"
I keep telling you, kid, it's that smirk of yours. Or it could be the gift itself. She likes guns. Make a note.

"Aw, give it back already!"

Back in high school, Hot Rod was that geeky and awkward kid who got bullied alot.

Moar Yotsuba

"Soooo how much longer do I have to wait before they grow as biiig as Jack's giant beanstalks?!"
" ...That's ok, I can wait the whole day!!"
"What do you mean, it won't be that soon??"

Outdoor shot

Yotsuba Updates

It's been quite awhile since I've updated my blog with pics of Yotsuba. Since the last update I've managed to lose her base and I think I lost her fist too. And she's got marks on her feet. Ah, the dilemmas of a much loved toy. Better that than spick and span clean and unloved though. She has proven her worth.

I’ve realized that I neglected Yotsuba for too long. I should have known that she felt rather ignored with that angry expression she’s been wearing for weeks. But after waking up to a messier than usual room, two shell shocked hamsters and a missing jar of coffee powder, only then did I know she meant business. But it was nothing cake couldn’t solve. Chocolate cake. She was ricocheting off the walls for an hour after eating the cake though.

Guerrilla Yotsuba

Doing what she does best-being badass.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This guy is crazy, but he's crazy awesome:

Segata Sanshiro (Busou Shinki+etc Edition)

Segata Sanshiro 2(Busou Shinki+etc Edition)

In case you're wondering who Segata Sanshiro is, Wikipedia's here to save the day
There's also the original advertisements which he parodied them off posted on Youtube.

Sugoiyo!! Masarusan OP(Busou Shinki+etc Edition)

Lucky Star OP (GUNPLA Edition/Correction version)

Is it just me or is he fond on kanchos? (In Narutard term, it's 1000 Years of Pain, or whatever it's called). If you have nothing better to do (like me), there's still plenty of videos by him to kill time with.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busou Shinki Mao Chao

Mao Chao was designed by Bladecham/Zealotic Blade (his specialty are cat girls and lolitas). I got her second hand off a forumer. She doesn't come with as many accesories as Ach, but she does come with useless accesories in the form of tiny cat figures that can get lost easily and can only be attached to her armour one at a time. I do like her gigantic cat paws and headgear though, they add alot of dynamism, which is the main reason why I chose to get her.

And her head keeps falling off.

Online, Mao Chao has a very childish and bubbly personality. Her voice is the type you'll either love or hate. It took me awhile to get used to her voice.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random post

I just saw this after browsing through a forum:

I participated in a comic drawing competition in my school and I recieved a merit award for my submission, better than nothing, I suppose.
I find it a little depressing (and amusing) how whenever I get the teensiest bit of publicity for my work, my name gets mispelled. I suppose an extra "g" is no big deal, could have been worse. Ying Ning, Yin Ming, Yin Ling, Ying Ming....I believe this was for Starz magazine, by the way.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bucketload of Yotsuba 3

Yotsuba. Is.
The Godfather.
I'd rather not think about the amount of time I spent on this piece.

Before editing.

Megatron obviously has not forgotten the time when he was held at gunpoint by this green haired menace.

Happy Chinese New Year, peeps!

Bucketload of Yotsuba 2

Yotsuba & the Headache
Till I could get Yotsuba-chan a proper football to play with, she'll have to make do with her evil twin's head.

Ventriloquist or Siamese Twins?
Forget milkman! Yotsuba wants to be a ventriloquist when she grows up! (in the manga, she's known to state her desire to become a milkman) Of course, she doesn't quite understand that ventriloquist dolls usually have a body attached to their head.

Small talk with Big shots.

Small? How small? Like how a nuclear explosion is small compared to the Big Bang kind of small?

Bucketload of Yotsuba 1

When Yotsuba ain't up to any mischief (a pretty rare occurence), she likes to sit down and watch nature. And stuff.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dance with me

It's time Revy justified her RM 80 price tag. I like her, but is she worth it? I don't know...sometimes I think I'm better off getting Revoltech Optimus Prime/Convoy, Megatron's mirror opposite. My revoltech Megs is starting to feel lonely, y'see. Revy seems to pale in comparison with the new Fraulein Revoltech series, she could do with a Fraulein treatment herself.

Friday, February 1, 2008


With time, even the best of friends can drift apart.
Dedicated to all my friends (and to those who were).

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Revoltech 2008

Kaiyodo's releasing some real awesomesauce Revoltechs this year!

Revoltech Hot Rod(imus) and Starscream-scheduled for release this March

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a Starscream and Hot Rod fangirl, and as a Revoltech fan, I think it's compulsory for me to get them (as long as I don't get sidetracked by other toylines again, of course)

Gurren Lagann (out in May)

Never seen the anime, only heard of it. But he looks kick-robo-ass awesome enough to warrant an instant purchase.


The problem with most female anime figurines is that all they do is sit on your desk, looking pretty with their boobs hanging out. Not that I mind that, but they're usually, more often than not, not articulated. The only way I would buy a statue is if it's cheap and really detailed. And those two rarely come hand in hand. Pocco's nicely sculpted with plenty of details (maybe not as detailed as some anime sculptures, but she's definitely cheaper than most) and with articulation to boot. This Pocco could sit on my table with her boobs hanging out and look pretty. As long as the final product looks as good as this sample, o' course.

Full Metal Panic
A robot with a ponytail! How much cooler can it get?

Pictures from:

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Just got myself a Busou Shinki through e-bay yesterday (at RM150, RM20 cheaper than retail price, yahoo!).

Front of the box (this is what she'll more or less look like once I assemble her armour)

Side of the box (this is her bike mode)

The box has a cover that can be opened to reveal the box's content

Well, what are Busou Shinkis, you may ask? Busou Shinki is a line of female action figures that feature different themes and each wave is designed by different artists. The base of the figurines however are all the same, designed by Asai Masaki. They're really poseable and you can actually mix and match their accesories to customize them. Plus, they come with an access code that you input in an online game called Battle Rondo where you then get a virtual version of your figurine which you can train and send to battles (kinda like Angelic Layer, if I'm not wrong) and also pose them in various virtual settings in the Diorama Studio.

The openings for Battle Rondo featuring the first few waves:

I fell in love with Xiphos and Benio the moment I saw the 2nd video D: Oohh, and Fort Bragg is like a cool weapon nerd.
Obviously Busou Shinki plays on the "moe" and cute girls that still can kick serious ass theme

Back then, I would have snorted at the thought of collecting this sort of figurine (skinny, vulnerable looking girls with big googly eyes) but after constant exposure to them in online shops and various webcomics, I slowly warmed up to them. If you're not a big fan of most animes like me, it takes awhile to get used to them.

Right now I can't have her armors and what nots assembled (if I start, I won't stop till a few hours later and I'll be toast when I have to pass up my assignments), so I've only toyed with the figurine so far.

Her dainty fingers are made of some bendable plastic, probably to prevent them from breaking.

First impressions: I'm reminded of a grid girl or a racer when I look at her. She's very poseable and despite being all skinny, she can stand pretty well. I find it rather unfortunate that her hair is pink though (I usually dislike characters with pink hair). I would have liked it better if her hair was yellow, or green! Nothing beats the watermelon/strawberry combination.

I like her expression though, it's one of determine and strength. Her mouth is nearly invisible.

So far, I like what I see, and I am yet to test her to her full potential. I think I'm hooked. (oh noes)
Yeah, Ach's feeling rather smug about it.