Saturday, April 26, 2008


This guy is crazy, but he's crazy awesome:

Segata Sanshiro (Busou Shinki+etc Edition)

Segata Sanshiro 2(Busou Shinki+etc Edition)

In case you're wondering who Segata Sanshiro is, Wikipedia's here to save the day
There's also the original advertisements which he parodied them off posted on Youtube.

Sugoiyo!! Masarusan OP(Busou Shinki+etc Edition)

Lucky Star OP (GUNPLA Edition/Correction version)

Is it just me or is he fond on kanchos? (In Narutard term, it's 1000 Years of Pain, or whatever it's called). If you have nothing better to do (like me), there's still plenty of videos by him to kill time with.

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Vincent said...

Yea, this guy is awesome. However one thing troubles me. His You Tube account has been recently closed, and all the videos that he had posted up there removed. Perhaps it was Plamoo's time to move on?