Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random post

I just saw this after browsing through a forum:

I participated in a comic drawing competition in my school and I recieved a merit award for my submission, better than nothing, I suppose.
I find it a little depressing (and amusing) how whenever I get the teensiest bit of publicity for my work, my name gets mispelled. I suppose an extra "g" is no big deal, could have been worse. Ying Ning, Yin Ming, Yin Ling, Ying Ming....I believe this was for Starz magazine, by the way.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bucketload of Yotsuba 3

Yotsuba. Is.
The Godfather.
I'd rather not think about the amount of time I spent on this piece.

Before editing.

Megatron obviously has not forgotten the time when he was held at gunpoint by this green haired menace.

Happy Chinese New Year, peeps!

Bucketload of Yotsuba 2

Yotsuba & the Headache
Till I could get Yotsuba-chan a proper football to play with, she'll have to make do with her evil twin's head.

Ventriloquist or Siamese Twins?
Forget milkman! Yotsuba wants to be a ventriloquist when she grows up! (in the manga, she's known to state her desire to become a milkman) Of course, she doesn't quite understand that ventriloquist dolls usually have a body attached to their head.

Small talk with Big shots.

Small? How small? Like how a nuclear explosion is small compared to the Big Bang kind of small?

Bucketload of Yotsuba 1

When Yotsuba ain't up to any mischief (a pretty rare occurence), she likes to sit down and watch nature. And stuff.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dance with me

It's time Revy justified her RM 80 price tag. I like her, but is she worth it? I don't know...sometimes I think I'm better off getting Revoltech Optimus Prime/Convoy, Megatron's mirror opposite. My revoltech Megs is starting to feel lonely, y'see. Revy seems to pale in comparison with the new Fraulein Revoltech series, she could do with a Fraulein treatment herself.

Friday, February 1, 2008


With time, even the best of friends can drift apart.
Dedicated to all my friends (and to those who were).