Sunday, January 6, 2008

Revoltech Yotsuba

Last Wednesday I went to XL Shop at Midvalley, wanting to get Kaiyodo Revoltech Revy (Black Lagoon). But in a moment of impulsiveness, I ended up with an extra figure I didn't quite expect I would buy: Revoltech Yotsuba. In case you're wondering, Yotsuba&! is a manga (by Kiyohiko Azuma) about a 5 year old girl's antics as she discovers the world around her (no, really, it's a really enjoyable manga, its just that my description doesn't do it any justice). I have to admit I've never read the manga before I got this fig (I just found her expressions too cute and the fact that she reminds me of dough, I love eating and messing around with dough). I've only read the first volume so far and I have to say, she looks like a well,

...a bug.

Albeit a really cute bug, probably a beetle or a lady bug. In the beginning, I found myself wondering why there isn't a neutral expression for her instead (she comes with two interchangeable head, one has an expression of enthusiasm, while the other looks pissed), and now I know why:

The many expressions of Yotsuba...all in one chapter (except for 1 or 2 of the pics)

Constant delirium is her default expression. And you'll hardly ever find her with her mouth closed, she's constantly flapping her lips over one thing or another.

Aside from the 2 heads, she also comes an ice cream, a water pistol, 2 extra fists (one's to hold her ice cream, the other is for the water pistol) and a spare joint for her waist (that's what I read on the web, not that it would do her much good, her shirt restricts her waist movement too much). I have to say, I find her interchangeable heads a bit too convenient:

"A mental asylum escapee held Megatron, leader of the decepticons, hostage at an abandoned power station last Tuesday. All Megatron’s subordinates, however, were nowhere to be found during the whole fiasco. It took the police 3 hours to get the situation well under control and Megatron freed. Yotsuba was finally packed up and carted back to her padded cell. When contacted, Megatron’s representative, Soundwave, refused to answer any of the reporter's questions."

One moment she's just a "normal" badass gangsta, and the next she looks like a lunatic. This whole hostage situation thing was totally inspired by a funny review on Revoltech Yotsuba. In case you're wondering, she's holding one of Revy's gun.

Photos of Yotsuba "playing" with Revy:

"Not so fast, sista"

I sure hope Kaiyodo will release some sort of expansion pack for her, with extra expressions and what nots.

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