Sunday, January 6, 2008

More photos of Revy

Revy could be holding the gun wrongly for all I know :P


Revy can't move her legs up without them starting to open up after a certain level. Cheeky devils.

Calendar girl 2008.

Encore, encore!

Promotional photoshoot for her anime series. But if you see the same cover in a shop, stay away from it like a disease. It'll give you a high blood pressure (if you're not Chinese educated like me anyway). I kid you not.


tfnut said...

Whoa sexy pose! Didn't think I'd find you here. I'm schizophrenica on seibertron by the way. I linked your blog to mine if you don't mind... ;)

Hangmen said...

I hope they'll make a Revoltech Fraulein makeover for this figure.

TaiPoh said...

if they do anytime too soon, I'm gonna regret buying this version. Bad.