Sunday, January 6, 2008

Revoltech Revy/Levy

Before I start, Revy's from an anime called Black Lagoon, I have the dvds, but the English subtitle stinks so bad, I gave up trying to decrypt what they're saying 5 minutes into the show and went off to bully my hamsters instead.

Here, this is a few samples for you:

Despite being a girl and everything, I find Revy very sexy. The sculptor did a nice job on her face (with her eyes looking towards her right and her mouth slightly open) and gave her an athletic physique while maintaining her feminity and sexyness. I don't know much about Revy but I do know she's supposed to be some rough and tumble, foul mouthed chick so maybe her rather "soft" expression might not suit her that well after all.

Revy comes with 4 guns, I know nothing about guns, so after checking the net, they are-two hands double pistol, a grenade launcher and a WZ63 machine gun, a head without her hair tied and a display stand. I wish Megatron came with a display stand too.

Another cool thing is that her hair is articulated, but it's irritating how it keeps popping off.

Her sculpting's not bad, maybe a bit rough on some parts, but the worst was her thighs.

This is Revy, after make up and airbrushed.

This is her unedited.
Ouch. You can't see much here, but the lines and uneven markings on her legs remind me of cellulite, the bane of womankind. Don't worry Revy, nobody's perfect. But compared to Yotsuba, Yotsuba's sculpt is much better (to the point she looks edible), but then again, Yotsuba doesn't have the curves Revy does, so maybe it's easier to sculpt her.

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