Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random post

I just saw this after browsing through a forum:

I participated in a comic drawing competition in my school and I recieved a merit award for my submission, better than nothing, I suppose.
I find it a little depressing (and amusing) how whenever I get the teensiest bit of publicity for my work, my name gets mispelled. I suppose an extra "g" is no big deal, could have been worse. Ying Ning, Yin Ming, Yin Ling, Ying Ming....I believe this was for Starz magazine, by the way.


julia said...

hi there yin ning..
u can get a blythe doll at xl-shop or graffiti toys in berjaya times square.
try too. =)

djkiku said...

AW MY HOLY. So sad man!! Next time, write your name in capitals. BOLD IT. and write a small comment at the bottom. do NOT get my name wrong or you'll suffer the wrath of a woman.

It's okay ying ning, though all the name spelling and mistakes, we still wuv you. <333333

Hangmen said...

You can always do it the American way and file a lawsuit. Next time, I'm sure contest or event organizers will mention issues regarding names in their disclaimer (i.e: the organizer of this [something] are not responsible for any mispellings or naming errors of participating individuals).

TaiPoh said...

ha, yes, awesome idea. :D Maybe I can even sue them for "emotional damage" if I don't win their competition

pink kokoro said...

omg my cousin was the one who told me abt your win! do u have the work uploaded some where for scrutiny?

TaiPoh said...

debbie- please note you'll have to click on the picture to get a larger view, and click on the links I provided in my "artist's comments" section to see pg 1 and 2.

TaiPoh said...

somehow it's not showing up properly

teasonsky said...

haha, hey its nice to win and achieve something no matter how small ; wish I had participated too :(

at least they didn't misspell it horribly hehe still pretty close, hehe

take care!